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I spent a super cold night in the tent last night, and when I woke up everything, myself
included, was covered in dew.  I wanted to wait for the sun to dry things out, but the wind
hadn’t picked up yet, so I packed up wet to make some miles.  I thought I might be in for a
calm day when the wind hadn’t picked up by 9:00, but it was just getting a late start.  It
picked up at 9:30, but it died down around four, so maybe it’s blown itself out.

Today was fairly tedious with lots of long ups and not long enough downs.  The scenery
wasn’t bad, but not stunning, either.  There weren’t many trees, so I could see forever.  I
passed the time running over big grasshoppers on the road.  I had a decent mileage day
covering 80 in all, but the wind made me work for them.

I stopped for the night at a forest service work site.  It has water, bathrooms and a pop
machine, but I don’t have any change.  Fresh water is nice, though.

I’ve decided to end my trip 100 miles north of the border.  With all the war and what not
going on down there, I feel it’s safest.  To get to Antelope Wells, I’d have to spend at least
two nights in the desert very near the border.  It’s also a long, hot, and dusty 100 miles and
once I get to the border I have to ride 100 miles back.  I’ve been worried about it since the
start of the trip and now that I’ve talked to the locals around here, my mind is made up.  
2900 miles is a long enough bike ride.
My body was telling me it needed a day off after all the riding into the wind the last few days,
but I didn’t have enough food for that, so off I went.  I’m in the Gila National Forest, and it’s
rugged.  The roads are steep, washed out, rocky, and sandy.  I spent all day either pushing
the bike uphill, or riding the brakes down.  There was no easy going.  To make matters
worse, it was just plain hot!  The heat slowed me down more than anything.  Luckily, the
only three stream crossings I’ve had in the last 300 miles happened today, so I got to cool
down a little.  I only covered 60 miles today, but I worked for them.
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My day started out with a not that big climb that seemed to go on forever.  I was really too
tired to do anything, but had no choice, so on I went.  I topped out and started a huge
downhill past a giant copper mine.  There was supposed to be a store at mile 20 of the day,
but it was closed, so on I went on an empty stomach.  I was 30 miles into the day and it
was lunch time before I got my first meal of the day at a gas station outside Silver City.  I
rode a few more miles into town where I sprung for a hotel next to a Wendy’s restaurant.

I stocked up on groceries and spent the day eating Wendy’s hamburgers and frostys and
relaxing.  I’m only 123 miles from the border at Antelope Wells and I’m feeling well rested,
so I’ve decided to finish after all.  Tomorrow I head south!
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I pulled into the dumpy little town of Mimbres at 7:30 tonight hoping to pick up enough food
at the gas station to get me through tomorrow.  It closed at 5:30, so I left town on gravel and
set up camp.  It’s 21 miles to the next gas station.  I’ll be hungry when I get there, but I can
make it.  I’d also hoped there would be cell service here, which there isn’t.  I had planned
on a zero day tomorrow.  Looks like I’ll be riding 40 miles to Silver City instead.
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