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Tuesday, July 27
I slept in and got my mail at the Eureka Post Office before heading to the café.  I got a huge
omelet for ten bucks that would have cost twenty five back in tourist land.  From Eureka I
immediately started a ten mile climb, but it was worth it to be on gravel away from the motor

It's been hot all day and I've been jumping in every creek I pass.  I feel like I should be much
cleaner than I am after all the swimming I've done today.  I'm going to have to find a shower
in the near future.

The scenery today has been O.K., but not spectacular.  I saw one bear and passed some
pretty lakes.  I also found a cold clear spring with great tasting water.

There hasn't been heavy traffic on these back roads, but there has been enough to not
really make it feel like the wilderness.  I could drive here, and lots of people do.  I'm tired of
sucking dust.  Oh well.  It's still fun, plus they're all lazy for driving!

The flies have been horrible today.  I'm covered in them every time I stop and am hiding in
the tent because of them now.  I'm trying to be glad the mosquitoes aren't bad, but it's a little
trying.  Also, I seem to have developed armpit dandruff, which is new and interesting.  I
might need some
Head and Shoulders.  My only other worry right now is that my bike and
gear are covered in flies that are probably laying eggs and defecating as I write this.  If
nothing else, they're mating and that's more than I want happening on my socks.
I started out on a nice gravel downhill.  About ten miles into my morning, I made a wrong
turn onto a really nice gravel road that went down for miles.  I was having a great time until I
reached a stop sign at highway 93.  That's where I realized I'd made a wrong turn.  After
some map checking and cussing, I turned onto busy highway 93.  There wasn't much
traffic, but there wasn't a shoulder, either.  Most of the drivers were pretty decent except the
Swift semis.  Apparently, Swift teaches their drivers that six inches is enough clearance
between their semi and a bike.  All the other semis were OK, but the half dozen Swift trucks
that passed were jerks.  I've decided I hat e Swift trucks more than motor homes.

My detour added about 10 miles to my trip to Whitefish.  I was glad to get into town where
the traffic was slower and stopped at the first pizza place I passed.  It was great!  Then I
bought new brake pads for my bike, wandered around town lost for a while, found the right
road and headed out.  I can find my way through the woods without a problem, but if a town
has more than 2 intersections, I'm screwed.

After Whitefish, I set out on a long flat stretch of the route.  I passed through big open hay
fields with views of the mountains in the distance.  I passed the time looking at the old junk
vehicles in people's yards and stopped to talk to a sheriff parked at an intersection.  There
were a lot of turns in this section, so I couldn't day dream as much as I like.

It was 5:00 when I turned onto the gravel that led back into the mountains.  I had ten miles
and nearly 2,000 feet of elevation gain before the next downhill, but I'd only gone 50 miles,
so I pressed on.  Two hours later I was at the top and started a glorious downhill.  I found a
campsite at about 8:30.  I thought I'd covered 75 miles but when I looked at my map I
realized I'd gone over 100.  Nice!  I think I'll sleep in tomorrow.

The mosquitoes have been horrible for the last 25 miles.  I felt that needed complaining
about.  On the bright side, my tent is surrounded by pretty yellow flowers.
I'd heard it was supposed to rain today, but it didn't.  It was sunny and hot all day.  My
morning started out with a big climb, which really sucked, since I hadn't checked my map to
know it was coming.  I had some great views on the way up that almost made it worth the

I went about 10 miles on a road that was being used fairly heavily by logging trucks.  I was
surprised to find the drivers friendly and courteous.  That's not the experience I've usually
had with logging trucks.  I was still glad to turn off onto an unused side road where I
stopped at a stream for lunch and a swim.

I spent the rest of my day going up or down hill, but never flat.

I dropped into the little town of Seeley Lake tonight for a much needed blueberry shake and
found it to be a really pleasant little town.  This ride is kind of like the PCT where people are
aware that they are on a big trail.  I've been feeling like a celebrity lately, with people asking
me about my ride to Mexico everywhere I stop.  I passed two more riders today, but was
going 30 mph on a downhill and they were stopped, so I didn't get to talk to them.

I stopped to camp at 5:00 tonight.  It was early, but I put in some big miles yesterday and
made it to my goal of Seeley Lake.  Seeley Lake was a big deal because that's where I
switch to side two of my Montana map.  I ran straight to the creek to wash myself and my
clothes.  I'm happy to say I don't offend myself for the first time in two days, although I'm
sure I'd still offend others if there were others to offend.

It's going to rain soon and I need to set up the tent.  I always sleep really well when I'm in
there warm and dry while it's storming out.  Hopefully, it will be done by morning.  If not, I'll
sleep in or do a bit of reading.

I like to complain about something every day.  Today, it's road signs.  Why do people in
Montana have to shoot every road sign in the state?  Why?  I use those signs to know
where I am.  Obama is President.  They should be hoarding their ammo.  And why don't
they shoot the no trespassing signs?  There's one on every tree on every piece of private
property in this state.  I think rednecks should be barred from owning or using firearms,
ATV's or cheap beer.  Anyway, it's about to rain, so I need to set up the tent.
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