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The weather didn't look promising when I woke up.  It was cold, cloudy, and a strong wind
was blowing from the east.  It would have been a good morning to sleep in, but St. Louis
was calling.  I packed up, wished the canoeists luck, and pushed off into a stiff headwind.

It was cold and I had to wear my coat all morning, but the sun finally broke through in the
early afternoon.  I took out my sunglasses that I hadn't needed in four days, and one of the
things that hold them on your head fell off and into the water.  I put them on anyway, but
they were lopsided.  I tried to bend the frame so they would fit better, but it broke and the
lens fell out.  So much for my $3.99 sunglasses.

The sun was really bothering my eyes by the time I reached the town of Waverly, so I pulled
up to the boat ramp.  I found a Casey's store in town where I bought a $12.99 pair of
glasses and some pizza.  My new shades have flames on the sides, so I'm sure my kayak
will go faster!

I fought the wind all day, but made quite a few miles.  The river rose over a foot last night
and is really moving.  I had to dodge quite a few trees and some lawn furniture today, but
the push was nice.  The fishermen tell me the level should start dropping tonight.  The
river is up six to eight feet right now.
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The wind blew all night last night.  I never sleep well when I can hear the wind.  I can only
worry about how hard the next day might be.

I pushed off into a stiff headwind that stayed with me for most of the day.  The water only
dropped about an inch overnight, so the current was still very strong.

The river flowed mostly through wide open plains today, but I did pass a few pretty bluffs.  
All the streams I passed were flooded and dumping logs and debris into the river for me to

I came to the town of Glasgow at lunch time.  I found a Casey's store where I was able to
get three slices of pizza and some chicken strips.  It wasn't exactly a gourmet meal, but it
was quick and I wanted to cover more miles than the wind would let me.

I was able to cover seventy three miles today.  I had hoped for an easy eighty, but the wind
had other plans.

Things finally calmed down around seven, and it's a very pretty night.  I set up camp on a
sandbar (not mud) and it's actually dry.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow as the forecast
calls for a beautiful day.  I'm not going to talk about the forecast after tomorrow because I
don't like it.
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It rained hard all night and was still pouring when I woke up.  I slept in until 8:00, by which
time it was clear the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon.  I put on my trusty rain jacket,
packed up, and took off.

The stiff east wind blew the rain into my face so hard it hurt.  I pressed on through the
impressive skyline and bridges of Kansas City.  I was only able to snap one picture during
a brief lull in the rain.

Just out of Kansas City, I caught up to a green canoe.  In it were a miserable looking man
and his very miserable daughter.  They had just set out on a three hundred mile trek and
had been hit by the nasty weather.  I told them the forecast was for rain and wind the rest of
the day.  I'm sure that wasn't what they wanted to hear.

I paddled a bit farther and stopped under a bridge to call my grandma.  She still wanted to
see me even though it was pouring.  I made arrangements to meet her at the Fort Osage

Two hours later, the rain had let up considerably and I was at the ramp.  I had a great
barbecue dinner at the shelter house with grandma, and my aunt and uncle.  It was really
nice!  I don't get to see my mom's side of the family much.  After dinner, I set back out on
the river and it started pouring.

The rain let up around 6:00.  I reached the small town of Napoleon, just as the canoeists
were pulling out at the ramp.  I decided to camp in the city park with them, since it looked
like more rain was on the way.

I talked to a lot of nice folks in the park.  I got a ride into Buckner with a fisherman for
supplies, and when I returned I found that someone had brought us a pizza.  Since
everyone had already eaten, I'll have three slices of unrefrigerated pizza for lunch tomorrow.

The sky is starting to clear, but the wind is still blowing.  The forecast for the next few days
looks good, and I'm not far from St. Louis.  I'm cautiously optimistic that I may finish this
trip without another major storm.
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