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It was nice to wake up in air conditioned comfort and put on clean clothes.  I took some
time this morning to walk around Chamois.  Everyone I met was great!  It was definitely a
good stop!

I got a ride down to the river at 1:30 and was on the water a little after 2:00.  I wanted to
make it twenty miles downriver to the town of Herman to watch a fireworks display.

The current was pushing me along at six mph, so I didn't bother paddling.  I just drifted
along and finished a book I had been reading.  I made it to Herman in no time.

When I pulled up to the ramp I was greeted by Kyle's mom.  She bought me dinner in the
park and showed me around town.  Herman is a very pretty old river town.  I'm glad I

I got permission to set up my tent at a bait shop next to the park.  As soon as I walked
away, a family set up their lawn chairs right next to my boat.  Their six obnoxious children
started climbing on the seat.  The parents didn't mind.  I chased them away, but as soon
as I left, they were trying to destroy my stuff.  Looks like I'll have to guard my stuff until they

It's probably going to be a pretty noisy night, but it will be nice to see the fireworks.
The day started out on the windy side, but it quickly died down, and I had a good day on the
water.  The scenery today was some of the prettiest I've seen on the channelized river.  I
was often surrounded by tall bluffs and limestone cliffs.

The current is picking up speed.  I've checked with my GPS and found it running six miles
per hour in many places.  When I paddle, I'm moving at eight and some times well over
nine mph.

I covered seventy miles in ten hours on the water.  I had good reason to hurry.  I wanted to
make it to Chamois.  Chamois is Kyle's home town, and he had invited me to stay at his
place when I came through.

I walked up the ramp at Chamois and was immediately recognized.  People in town have
been tracking Shawn and Kyle's progress through my website.

It wasn't long before we had the boat in the back of a pickup headed for Kyle's place.  I got
cleaned up and headed for the bar.  Everything was on the house for the weary river
traveler.  I had some great food, met some great people, and stayed a bit longer than I
needed to.
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Trains run past my campsite constantly last night.  I didn't get much sleep, but the good
people there were worth the restless night.

The river ran through some very beautiful country today.  There were tall limestone cliffs
and bluffs lining the shore.  I think this was the prettiest section of the channelized river.

I passed a towboat that didn't belong to the Army Corps today.  That makes a total of three
tows and eight barges in 700 miles of river.

It was hot today, but it did manage to rain for about twenty minutes.  I'd hate to finish my trip
without a little more rain.

I wanted to stop for the night above St. Charles so I could get breakfast in the morning, but
there weren't any good places to stop.  I ended up paddling through town and another
twelve miles before I found a place to pitch the tent.  It wasn't much of a campsite, but I had
a great view of the sunset over the river.

Tomorrow night, I'll be camping on the banks of the Mississippi.  By noon the next day, I
should have taken out at the arch.  Even with all the rain I've had, I hate when a trip ends
and I rejoin the real world.  I don't have much water to cover tomorrow, so I'm going to stay
up late and enjoy my last beautiful night on the Missouri.
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