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I passed the 500 mile mark on more of the same twisting up and down trail.  I walked 22
miles to another trail angel's house, where I'm staying in the "cat house."  There is a trailer
with a bunks, but there's a creepy hiker in there, so I've chosen to sleep on the floor of the

I checked the messages on my phone tonight, and found that my dog is sick.  She's
having trouble with her hip again and I'm really worried I haven't been able to get hold of
anyone yet to find out exactly what's going on.  She's 15 years old, so I can't help but worry.
 All I can do right now is pray my best friend gets better.  I wish I could be with her right
I found out this morning that Sam's hip is a little better, but she is still having trouble
walking.  I worried about her a lot last night and today, but there's really nothing I can do now
but pray.

I set out this morning across the Mojave desert.  The trail follows the giant L.A. Aqueduct
strait across the desert.  I started the morning walking atop a half buried eight food diameter
pipe.  A few miles into the walk, the pipe went underground and was covered with smooth
concrete.  I could hear the millions of gallons of water rushing beneath my feet, but there
was no way to get to it.

The temperature was in the upper 70's today, which made crossing the 20 miles of desert
much easier than I expected.  It was mostly flat and boring like Iowa, and I'm glad to be back
in the hills.

The trail was on or near a gravel road for most of the trip through the desert, but I hadn't
seen a single vehicle until the last mile of road walking.  A Toyota pickup pulled up and the
driver asked if I had seen anyone on horseback today.  I hadn't.  He went on to look for the
horse and I made my way to the lone water faucet where the trail leaves the aqueduct and
heads into the hills.

The pickup came back a few a few minutes later.  The driver's name was Andes Gonzales
and he was a horse shoer.  It turned out the horse and rider were headed to Canada, but
about 25 miles behind me Andres had brought bananas and yogurt for the rider and offered
them to me.  I gladly accepted.  He then offered me a ride to the next trailhead, which I
turned down.  I thanked him for the food and he drove away.  He returned a few minutes

Ive been on the trail up there and it's in pretty bad shape.  You sure you don't want a ride?

I accepted.  He drove me to the next trail head where I set up camp for the night.  I talked to
another hiker who said the trail was steep, sandy, and awful, so I'm glad I skipped that 15
I slept in this morning, then hitchhiked into the town of Tehachapi.  I got a ride with a nice
retired gentleman who bought me a doughnut before dripping me off at the hotel.  Today
is Sunday, and I need to pick up mail tomorrow, so there's nothing I can do but wait.

I spent the day eating and relaxing.  It's a beautiful day and I'd love to be on the trail, but it
feels good to relax and pizza tastes really good after a few weeks on the trail.
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I had a good breakfast, got everything done at the post office, and was on the trail by 10:00.  
I spent the day walking through a giant wind farm.  This seems to be a good place for a
wind farm since it was so windy I could hardly stand up all day.  I was even blown over on a
particularly windy ridge.

I found out this morning that Sam is doing quite a bit better.  She's on pain medication and
seems to be getting around all right.  I miss Sam more than anything else on these trips.  
She's a great dog and a great friend.

I just realized I grabbed the wrong section of my guide book at the post office this morning.
That means I won't have any maps or information for the next 75 miles when I can pick it up
in my mail drop in Onyx.  That should make life a little more interesting.

I've seen lots of bear scat today and there's a fairly fresh pile near my camp.  There aren't
any trees to hang my food in, so I'll just have to hope for the best.  It's also still really windy,
maybe 40 mph plus.  My tent is fairly sheltered, but is still getting blown around quite a bit.
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