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I had a great breakfast of pancakes, listened to a sermon, then spent some time getting to
know Paul, Paul, Rick, and Jacque.  I'm really glad I decided to take the time to come out

At 1:30 we hopped on the van to go white water rafting on the Kern River.  It was a blast!  
The raft in front of us tipped over, but we stayed upright.

At night there was another great band, food, and preaching.  The five of us stayed up late
around the campfire talking about how far we've come in our lives and how far we still
have to go.  It was something I needed.

I've decided to hitch back to the trail tomorrow.  I like it here, but the retreat lasts two more
days and I have to get going.
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I ate breakfast, listened to the morning sermon, and said goodbye to my new friends.  I'm
really glad I had this opportunity and I don't regret the time off the trail one bit.  It gave me a
lot to think about on my journey on the trail and through life.  I have some new things to
work on.

I didn't have much trouble hitching, even though I was on a lightly traveled road in a
national forest.  I got a ride with a nice older couple who were headed in the right direction
and drove me 50 miles to the trail head.  They even gave me some beef jerky for my walk.

I walked 15 miles on the steep rocky trail.  I have a very pretty campsite, but I miss all the
good food at church camp.  I do have a can of Dr. Pepper with me to go with my breakfast,
so I have that to look forward to.
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Today was a day of climbing.  I checked my maps and I climbed at least 6000 feet up and
6000 feet down in 26 miles of trail.

I'm finally out of the desert.  There is water every 10 miles or so, which makes my life a lot
easier.  There are also plenty of trees and where they aren't burnt, there is plenty of shade.
 California seems to be a very flammable state.

I saw my first bear of the trip today.  It was a really big black bear that ran out of a ravine
when I rounded a corner.  It was only about 50 yards from me and I got some good
pictures.  I didn't see where it went, so I sang pretty loudly for a few miles so I wouldn't
startle it.

I can see a big forest fire burn in the direction I'm going.  I talked to a hiker who heard that
a few days ago it was burning above Kennedy Meadows and the rangers were hauling
hikers around it.  I really need to get into Kennedy Meadows.  I have a mail drop there with
food and warm clothes for the big mountains.  Kennedy Meadows is only 9 miles away, so
I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
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I hiked 9 miles into Kennedy Meadows, which luckily, wasn't on fire when I arrived.  The
fire is a few miles to the North and burning over the trail, so I've arranged a ride around it
in the morning.

I spent the day on the deck of the general store eating and talking to other hikers.  
Kennedy Meadows isn't a cheap place to hang out.  I spent over fifty dollars today.  I did get
the chance to do laundry and take a badly needed shower, both for a fee.

I plan to leave at 7:00 tomorrow morning.  My next food drop is 150 miles away.  My pack is
super heavy with 8 days worth of food in it, but the only resupply points along the way
involve a two day detour into town.  I'll be in the real wilderness for a while.  I'm looking
forward to 150 roadless miles.
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