Scenic Eagle Crook Trail
Pacific Crest Trail Quest '08 - Page 26
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I slept in this morning, then packed up my stuff and headed into town.  The first thing on
my agenda was a hamburger and ice cream.  After that, I set out to hitch up to the trail.  It
was an easy hitch up to Lolo Pass where I picked up the PCT.  I could see beautiful Mt.
Hood the whole way, and I bet the trail along it is beautiful, but it's also snow bound.  I
have no desire to fall to my death.

I only walked 10 miles today before I called it quits at a nice campsite by a spring.  There's
been lots of snow on the trail here and I'm only at 4,000 feet.  The Mt. Hood section is all
over 6,000 feet, so I think I made the right decision in skipping it.
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It was cold and rainy when I woke up.  It looked like the kind of rain that would last all day,
so I set out.  The trail followed exposed windy ridges.  I'm sure the views would have been
spectacular had it not been for the thick fog.

I took a steep overgrown trail down to the Eagle Crook Trail which I had heard was
beautiful.  I wasn't disappointed.  The trail was blasted into the canyon wall along the
steep Eagle Creek Gorge.  I passed countless waterfalls, and at one point, the trail even
passed through a tunnel blasted behind a waterfall.  It was amazing!  I wish it hadn't been
raining so hard.  I wanted to take more pictures.

I came out in the town of Cascade Locks, which is on the bank of the Columbia River.  
There is a giant steel bridge that spans the river and the PCT crosses on it.  On the other
side of the bridge is Washington.

My left foot has been really sore for the last few days, so I plan to take a day or two off in
town and give it a chance to heal up.
I've set up camp in the city park since there's free camping there for PCT hikers.  I spent
most of the day sampling the local restaurants.  My foot still hurts, so I plan to hitch 20
miles to the town of Hood River to get it looked at tomorrow.
My foot was feeling better than it has in a while this morning, so I decided to hike out
today.  I made sure to have a good breakfast and lunch and some ice cream first.

The walk across Bridge of the Gods that spans the Columbia River was beautiful, and I
enjoyed almost the whole crossing.  The semi that almost ran me over was the only
unpleasant part.  Once in Washington, I set out on a long road walk.  My guidebook says
this route is 20 miles shorter than the PCT and avoids over 5,000 feet of unnecessary
climbing, so it sounds good to me.

My foot still seems to be doing well, but I only walked 10 miles today.  I really hope it gets
better soon.
I tried to hitch out this morning, but didn't have much luck, so I decided to eat breakfast
first.  After I ordered my meal, the waitress told me someone had paid my tab out of
kindness.  I don't know who it was, but I really appreciate it.  After breakfast, I started
hitching again and was picked up in 5 minutes by a couple of fishermen.

The staff at the hospital was really friendly and most importantly, my foot isn't broken.  I
probably pulled something in it, and with a little luck, a few days rest will fix it.

The nurses felt bad about me having to hitch back to Cascade Locks, so they arranged for
a taxi to bring me back free of charge.  Now all I have to do is sit around for a few days and
hope my foot gets better.
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