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The Mississippi began here.
Experience my 2006 journey.
Join me as I live my dream by walking the Pacific Crest Trail!
Pacific Crest Trail Quest '08 - Introduction
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The Missouri began here.
Experience my 2007 journey.
This year I'm hiking instead of paddling.  It's going to feel different to
carry my equipment on my back instead of loading the kayak, and I
know I'll really miss being on the river.

The Pacific Crest Trail or PCT runs over 2600 miles from Mexico to
Canada on the West Coast. It is a foot path rather than a river, so I will
have to carry everything I need for my four month journey on my back. I'll
start in the waterless heat of the Colorado Desert in Southern California
and work my way into the snowy mountains of Oregon and Washington.
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The Pacific Crest Trail
began here.
Experience my 2008 journey.
I've never gone on a long hiking trip before so I really don't know what to
expect.  I worry about blisters, thirst, and fatigue. I'm looking forward to
the great outdoors, freedom and friendship. It's bound to be a great

Check back to this website because it will be constantly updated with
photos and the story of my 2600 mile trip.  Rita is taking me to the Des
Moines Airport on Tuesday, May 6 to fly to San Diego.  Then I'll bus to
Campo, California, and then walk to the trail head. Keep in touch.