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The Mississippi began here.
Experience my 2006 journey.
Mississippi sunset
A beautiful Iowa sunset on
my '05 trip
Upper Iowa River
Paddling by the Lime springs mill

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Join me as I live my dream by paddling the Yukon River!
My River Quest
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The Missouri began here.
Experience my 2007 journey.
I enjoyed last year's hike on the Pacific Crest trail, but this summer I'm
heading up to Whitehorse, Canada where the Mighty Yukon River starts
it's long journey across the interior of Alaska and on to the Bering Sea.  
It's going to be a hard trip. The river is 2300 miles long, towns are few
and far between, the bears are big, and the mosquitoes legendary, but
the people will be great, the wildlife amazing, and the scenery should
be the best you can find this side of heaven.
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The Pacific Crest Trail
began here.
Experience my 2008 journey.
If you've read my Mississippi River trip, you know that cancer has
touched my life in a profound way. My mom died after a long battle with
brain cancer in 1994, and I lost my dad to lung cancer in 2005. Cancer
is a horrible disease. It kills and maims indiscriminately. I want to use
this trip to help fight this awful disease. That's why I'm using my 2300
mile trip as a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. You can help
by pledging a penny a mile to the cause. That's only twenty three bucks,
and you'll be helping to save lives. Give more if you can, or less if you
have to, but please give something. 100% of your money goes to the
American Cancer Society, so please
click here to DONATE, or go to
the American cancer society's website, search for team ACS, find
donate to a participant, and type my name,
Adam Brooks. Please help!

This is really important to me and anyone else who has had to face this
awful disease. Thank you, and check this website for more updates as I
progress on my journey.
June 4 - 7:30 pm - Dave Kraemer, Dick Howard and I made it into Canada
with the kayak on top of  our rental car.  There was a long long check of
my papers and a long interrogation at the border.

June 5 - 7:23 pm - We're at Dawson Creek.

June 6 - 3:27 pm - In the Yukon Territory, but still 250 miles from
Whitehorse.     7:38 pm - We are in Whitehorse.

Sunday, June 7 - 8:28 am - I'm heading out.  I'll try to communicate again
from Carmacks.  It's really pretty here, and there's still ice on the sandbars.
 I'm not bringing my phone since it won't work, anyway.
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goodbye.  I hadn't gained as much weight as I had hoped, but the huge
burgers of this farewell meal must have helped some.  There was even
Good Luck cake served with ice cream.  A few days later Dave
Kraemer, Dick Howard and I would be on the road headed for Canada.
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Farwell Party photos

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Texts from Adam on his way to the Yukon
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