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I slept in again this morning due to another rain delay, but was able to break camp and get
in the boat during a break in the showers.  I propped the shotgun up on a log where it could
easily be seen from the river.

It rained on and off throughout the morning and into the afternoon.  After four days of rain, I
was really getting depressed about the weather.  Finally, the rain stopped and was
replaced by a wicked headwind.  It made my life miserable, but hopefully, the rain is done
for a while.

I saw another kayak beached on a sandbar and stopped to check it out.  It was piloted by a
man from South Africa who also was hoping to reach the Bering Sea.  Unlike me, he had
some serous time constraints and needed to be done in less than three weeks.  He’d been
putting in some big days and was well equipped and competent.  Hopefully, he’ll make it.
I made it to Alaska!  I stopped at the border to take some pictures.  There’s a bronze
monument just like the one at the end of the PCT, but this one doesn’t open and have a
log book inside, so some of the dumber Yukon travelers have taken to carving their
names in it.
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From there, it was 10 windy miles to the little town of Eagle.  Eagle was nearly destroyed
in an ice jam this spring, and as I paddled into town, I saw giant blocks of ice nearly 30
feet above me.  Trees were knocked over and houses flattened.  The two blocks of town
closest to the river are just gone.  I’ll do some more exploring tomorrow.

I’ve already checked in with customs, and it was a much less traumatic experience than I
had coming into Canada.  I’m camped at the boat ramp about a mile out of town, and I
flagged down the border patrol car when it drove by.  I showed the guy my passport.  He
said I could have a campfire if I wanted, and drove away.  I’m picking up my handgun
tomorrow.  It’s good to be back in the U.S.A.!
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Phone message from Adam, Monday, June 15 - 10:49 am
I'm in Eagle and will mail some stuff from here.  I found a sign written with a marker that
says they're serving breakfast at the school, so I'm going to go find that school.  In Eagle
the ice broke and the river has moved over about two blocks,  wiping out part of the town.
There are ice pieces as big as a house.  30 foot icebergs are ready to move into the river.  
One island had trees but now doesn't have one or evidence of any being there.
Sam Harrel photo - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner via AP
Phone message from Adam, Monday, June 15 - 3 pm
I guess I'm stuck here for a couple of days.  My package of food came, but my gun hasn't
come yet.  This is a good place to be stuck because the people are really nice.  One guy
even offered to lend me his gun, saying I could mail his back when I received mine.

Check out the photos on the MSNBC website concerning the problems in Eagle, Alaska!
I started walking into town today, but got a ride before I made it 100 yards from the boat
ramp.  The only place open at 8 am was the office for the Yukon Charlie National Park, so I
stopped in.  They had chocolate bars for sale and flush toilets, so it was a good stop.

Once the post office opened, I picked up my mail and started walking to Terry’s Guns to pick
up my pistol.  I didn’t walk far before a lady picked me up.  She didn’t really know where
Terry’s Guns was, and all I knew was that he was in a cabin at the top of the mountain.  We
stopped at the wrong house first, and got directions to Terry’s.

We turned onto a narrow muddy path leading back into the woods and past a sign that said
“outlaw ranch.”  My gun hadn’t showed up yet, but Terry and his wife were great people.  
They took me into their cabin to show me the Grizzly they had killed in their yard.  Terry
offered to let me take one of his guns down the river, then send it back at the end, but I
decided to wait for mine to show up.

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Message from Adam's Spotter

I'm OK!
Nearest Location:not known
Distance:not known
Time:06/15/2009 00:36:46 (GMT)
Here's where I am.

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