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I really have to hurry to make it to Circle before the post office closes for the weekend.  I
have mail there to forward down the river a ways, and then all of my food drops should be
squared away.  I hit the water at 2:00 and had covered over 50 miles by 8:00, so I should
be all right.

This stretch of river out of Eagle has been really beautiful.  I saw me first moose of the
trip.  Moose, like almost all animals in Alaska, can kill you, but they are fun to look at from
a safe distance.

I’ve been pretty stressed out this afternoon.  My mail is all screwed up, but I think it’s
finally under control.  There are also a few small details to iron out, like how I’m getting
home at the end of this thing.  The phones up here only work about half of the time, and I
really haven’t been able to talk to Kelly much.  Mostly, I think I need a few days of things
going well on the water to calm me down.  I’ve some of my down time today to rig up a
blindfold that I hope will help me sleep better.  It’s 11:00 pm and I have my sunglasses
on while I’m writing this.  I’ve been waking up every half hour or so feeling like I’ve
overslept and should be getting up.  Hopefully, I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.  That should
help with my lousy mood I’ve had the last few days.
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I planned on taking lunch at Slavens Roadhouse, which is an old roadhouse that has
been fixed up and is now a public use cabin.  There is also an old gold dredge to be
explored about a mile up the mountain.  I wasn’t sure if the old dredge would be worth the
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I had a big day today.  I covered 104 miles in the boat and had a couple of great side trips.  I
got a fairly early start, and the weather was great.  I paddled about 20 miles to my first stop.  
There was an old steam tractor rusting away high on the left bank.  Some of the parts were
missing, but it was still pretty neat.  There was even still wood in the firebox.  My guide book
said it was used to haul coal from a mine on the hill.
I pulled up to the landing at Slavens, and there was a man trying to get his motor boat off
the bank.  He’d been camped for a few days and the water had dropped.  I helped push,
and we had the boat free in a few minutes.  He told me the dredge was a must see.

I grabbed my camera and set off on what I thought was the right trail.  20 minutes later I
saw the machine half a mile down the mountain to my left.  After a fun-filled bushwhack, I
was there.
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