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Wednesday, July 8 - 9:47 pm (email from Kelly)
Adam's last camp, as you can see. He's just about at the town of Emmonak, where he
will fly out tomorrow (Alan- after I emailed you Adam called back - the river was so much
slower and winds higher than expected. Adam realized that he wasn't going to make the
Wednesday departure after all) and the boat should follow him to Anchorage on
Saturday.  The boat should sell quickly over the weekend and then it's just a question of
how soon he can catch a flight back to Iowa.

Thursday, July 9 - 4:07 pm (email from Kelly)
Well, Adam is officially off the river!  He's currently on a flight en-route to Anchorage, to
arrive there a little later today.  The boat's following him either today or tomorrow (have to
get that clarified) and I expect that he'll be able to get it sold over the weekend and
hopefully catch a flight back early next week.

Thursday, July 9 - 8:12 pm (phone message from Adam)
I'm in Anchorage and trying to get a hotel tonight.  I managed to get myself and my boat
to Anchorage for $40, so I'm doing alright.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm home!  I got home Sunday, but slept for about a day before I felt like speaking to
anybody.  Now that I'm rested, I'm starting to plan a bike trip for next summer.
It was cold, cloudy and windy when I woke up, but with under 100 miles to go, I wasn’t going
to stay in bed if I could safely paddle.  It got colder and windier as the day wore on, but I was
mostly sheltered on the south shore, so I stayed there and kept truckin’.  I passed two
villages that looked inviting, but both were on the right side, and I had no desire to get any
wetter doing a big crossing.

The river turned north in the early afternoon and the wind was now coming from behind me.  
The following waves were big enough to soak me quite thoroughly, but well within my
paddling ability.  Still, I would have called it a day if I weren’t on the final push.

I set up camp on a muddy island just before 10:00.  I still have 40 miles to cover.  I would
have liked to be in Emmonak tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  I can fly out any day, but the
kayak can only leave on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  I had a plan to sleep until 1:00 am,
then get up and push on to Emmonak, but that fell through when I realized I had never
gotten up at 1:00 am to do anything more ambitious than take a pee in my whole life.
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I was cold when I woke up this morning.  It was cold and wet outside, and the only dry
clothes I own are 3000 miles away in Iowa.  I should have stayed in bed, and would have,
had the end not been so near.  I put on my cold wet clothes and paddled hard to warm up.

I’m on the delta now, and there isn’t a hill around to block the wind, and the trees are mostly
just big shrubs.  The river is enormous and stretches on to the horizon in front of me.

I stayed fairly dry following the left shore, but got soaked making an unavoidable crossing to
get to the Emmonak side of the river.

I set up camp in a clearing two miles out of town.  Normally, this site would be swarming
with mosquitoes, but it’s too cold for them tonight.  I’ve crawled into my sleeping bag and
am warming up, but I’m finding writing in my journal to be pretty confusing, so I know I’m
way too cold.  I should be mostly sheltered from the wind and waves for my short paddle
into town tomorrow.
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 Message from Adam's Spotter
I'm OK!
Nearest Location:not known
Distance:not known
Time:07/09/2009 01:12:44 (GMT)
Here's where I am.
Message from Adam's Spotter
I'm OK!
Nearest Location:not known
Distance:not known
Time:07/08/2009 05:13:19 (GMT)
Here's where I am.

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